Dear Mr. Vice President….

Excerpts from a letter received in my mailbox, Tuesday, January 7, 2020:

The Honorable Mike Pence


Dear Patriotic American, 

Will you help?

President Trump asked me to write to you and other patriotic citizens who support the work we are doing in Washington to Make America Great Again….

And we’re proud of the results. Despite vicious, nonstop opposition from the Democrats and their media cheerleaders, we’ve got a roaring economy, our military is stronger, our communities are safer, and we’ve put more than 100 pro-Constitution judges on our Federal courts.

But… all that progress is threatened by extreme, full-blown socialists who have taken control of the Democrat Party….

[A solicitation for money follows.]

Your prompt, generous reply is important, because as I write you today. House Democrats are plotting new investigations and phony “scandals” that their media friends will obsess over 24/7, with no point other than to try and undermine President Trump’s authority and weaken support for our administration.

You saw plenty of this already during the past two years, when the Radical Left pushed out one crazy conspiracy theory after another….

The Democrats’ conduct does a disservice to the American people. It does nothing to help our country become stronger….

Thanks to help from Republicans in Congress, and thanks to the support our administration is receiving from you and other patriotic Americans, our country is getting stronger and our future has never been brighter.

Of course, the Democrats don’t see it that way.

They see tax cuts as money being taken from the government, where it belongs.

They see the Constitution as something to circumvent, not something to uphold.

They see border security as “immoral.”

[An attack on Democratic “extremists” follows, with a further appeal for money.]

Thank you in advance, and God bless you[.]


Mike Pence 

Vice President of the United States of America

My reply:

Dear Mr. Vice President:

Vice President Mike Pence’s official photograph

I fear a dreadful mistake has been made. I am hardly a supporter of President Donald Trump. In fact, I believe Mr. Tump is the worst president in American history, and his re-election would constitute a disaster for the United States, with a continued threat to our national security, further attacks on constitutional norms and the rule of law, and more assaults on truth and the role of facts in public discourse. Needless to say, I will not contribute to his campaign.

But, I have to wonder how your team made such an obvious error. It will perhaps remain a mystery, though your vetting of potential supporters and donors strikes me as shaky as the administration’s vetting of nominees for governmental positions. It is no wonder that Mr. Trump and his team have had such difficulty explaining the rationale for their Iran policy. Assuming, that is, that there is a rationale, other than Mr. Trump’s pique from watching news reports on his favorite channel of the American embassy in Baghdad under attack. 

Allow me to comment on a few of your specific points:

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley

First, in your salutation (and several other places in your letter) you refer to “Dear Patriotic American.” Is that a suggestion that only supporters of Donald Trump are patriots? It certainly reads that way, and if that is your intention, I deeply resent the implication that those who do not support Mr. Trump are not patriots. This insinuation is becoming a trope among your fellow Republicans. I would refer you to the despicable tweet by Nikki Haley, your administration’s former ambassador to the United Nations: “The only ones mourning the loss of Soleimani are our Democrat leadership and Democrat Presidential candidates.” Haley once was considered a voice of reason within the Republican Party, but evidently she has concluded, as you apparently have as well, that emulating Donald Trump’s nastiness, bullying, and ignorance is the only way to succeed in today’s GOP.

Former Chief Justice Earl Warren

Second, in a similar vein, you write about “pro-Constitution conservative judges,” suggesting, I imagine, that judges who are not conservative are not supporters of the Constitution. I guess Justices John Paul Stevens, William Douglas, and Hugo Black and Chief Justice Earl Warren (just to name a few) could not wait to don their black robes and shred the Constitution to tatters.

Third, you refer to “extreme, full-blown socialists” dominating the “Democrat Party.” I would love to know your definition of a full-blown socialist. Very few Democrats claim the title of socialist, and those who do are democratic socialists who believe in a robust social safety net similar to that of several countries in Europe. If you mean by the terminology either communism or the nationalization of industry, then you are either ignorant or willfully attempting to scare the public with McCarthyite rhetoric. By the way, it is the “Democratic Party,”

Fourth, regarding so-called “phony ‘scandals:’” Many Americans believe there is nothing phony about investigating Mr. Trump’s dealings with Russian President Vladimir Putin or actions in calling for Ukraine to investigate a political rival. It is not an obsession, but the duty of Congress to hold the executive branch accountable, and, frankly Mr. Vice President, the Trump-Pence administration must account for much. These investigations — including impeachment — are not doing a “disservice” and they are not weakening the nation, as you suggest. Nor are they evidence of “one crazy conspiracy theory after another.”

Donald Trump and former President Barack Obama’s birth certificate

It strikes me as odd, by the way, that a member of the current administration would have the gall to accuse his opponents of pushing conspiracy theories, given Mr. Trump’s record. He was, after all, the prime mover of the racist and absurd “birther” movement. 

Fifth, Democrats do not favor raising taxes to enrich the government, but to use that money to enrich the lives of Americans. After all, it is government, as Lincoln said, “of the people, by the people, for the people.” Democrats do not favor “circumventing the Constitution,” a strange accusation coming from you, given the president’s frequent violations of the Constitution. And, Democrats do not believe border security is “immoral,” though many think locking up children is.

On a more personal note, if I may, Mr. Vice President: Your website refers to your “Christian faith” as a “driving force” in your life and, presumably, in the way you conduct your political career. Given that, could you please explain to me how you can serve in an administration under Donald Trump? It should not be necessary for me to list the ways in which Mr. Trump deviates from almost everyone’s definition of a “Christian.”


Judah Ginsberg 

Posted January 10, 2020

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